2 maids for every clean

Two heads--and sets of hands and eyes--makes for a far more efficient and thorough clean. We guarantee the same team on each cleaning as well!

Bonding & Insurance

Maid Service Miami has been an established provider since 2002 and carries full bonding and insurance, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

100% Guarantee

Our iron-clad full service guarantee makes sure that your Miami maid service will go as expected, no questions, no worries, no hassle, or your money back.

Maid Service Miami

Very few of us have enough money to pay for live-in help.  However, all of us appreciate the benefits of having someone help out in doing the seemingly endless chores we have to face at home. We need help especially when it comes to keeping the house clean, neat, and orderly – a comfort to come home to and a pleasure to live in.

Fortunately, there is an option to having expensive live-in help.  There are various companies nowadays which offer cleaning services. Paying for an affordable, reliable, trustworthy Miami maid service is now possible. If you lack the time, energy, inclination, or experience to do your own cleaning, all you have to do is give us a call.

Having a maid service not only gets your home cleaned, but saves you time

Keeping the house clean has been considered for ages to be the wife’s responsibility.  Times have changed a lot, though, in terms of demands on a woman’s time.  Aside from keeping house, women are now more deeply involved in their children’s lives. They also take more active and demanding roles in community service and in various organizations.  They have various interests which require time. And, more and more women are keeping down an 8 to 5 job, just like their husbands.  With very limited time or energy for household chores, cleaning the house in particular, hiring somebody for maid service seems to be the sensible and practical thing to do.

Maid Service Miami takes a lot of responsibilities off your over-burdened shoulders. We have a complete line-up of cleaners available all the time. The cleaners report to the service company; they are in the company’s employ.  This means that you do not have to worry about their social security and insurance requirements.

We also make sure that all the members of their staff go through rigorous background checks, ensuring that they are honest and trust-worthy. Moreover, we carry full bonding and insurance, providing full peace of mind to the home owner.

Here at Maid service Miami we put a significant amount of time into training our teams. They keep abreast of the latest trends in cleaning techniques. We make sure that every cleaner we have goes through extensive training in the field with our senior cleaners. Cleaning a house professionally calls for a special set of skills acquired by training, preparation, and the exercise of these proficiencies. Cleaning the different surfaces that your house has requires exact knowledge of what type of cleaning instruments and products to use. The choice of the wrong product can result in failing to clean effectively, not to mention causing surface scratches or even deeper damage. Only a home cleaner who has had training and several days of work up her sleeves can do a job likely to please clients.

Professional cleaners use cleaning products which have been proven to produce excellent results at disinfecting, cleaning, polishing, removing stains, and making things sparkle and shine. If you make use of their services, you can feel confident that you will get somebody who knows exactly what to do to clean your house thoroughly and keep it spick and span. Specialized cleaning companies make sure that they satisfy your expectations and meet your most rigorous standards.

Our cleaning service has a fantastic reputation in Miami for over a decade

Today, there are a lot of businesses ready to provide cleaning services Miami, indicating the growing need for such services. Look for a company that receives high ratings in terms of general client-satisfaction.  Make sure that the reviews come from bona-fide and objective clients. Then call the company up to confirm some of the information you have gathered.

Make sure that the company is licensed, bonded, and carries liability insurance. Make sure that they provide their employees sufficient training.  Ask them about the equipment that they use; are they top of the line? Will the company supply all the cleaning products necessary to get your house in order?  Are the products of superior quality and eco-friendly? Are their rates reasonable and competitive with the rest in the industry? Do they have flat-rate pricing? Is it possible to get a custom cleaning estimate so that you get a ball-park figure of how much to set aside for their services?

If your house has special cleaning needs, are their cleaners equipped with the expertise to address these? Do some of the members of your family have allergies to certain chemicals which some cleaning products may contain?  Is it a deep- clean spring cleaning type of project that you are thinking of, or are you simply after the standard regular cleaning services Miami? Do you have things which call for extraordinary expert handling? If you prefer to have two cleaners per visit instead of just one so that the   job gets done promptly, request the company for this arrangement.

If you have concerns which may be different from the norm, it is worth your while to talk about these and find out if the cleaning services Miami company you are considering can take your  concerns into account. It is worth the search to find a cleaning services Miami company which is willing to consider and respond to reasonable out-of-the-usual requests.

How long has the company been in the maid service Miami business? Check the reputation they have established.  Look into the level of satisfaction of their clients, as well as of their employees. If you are satisfied with the answers to your questions, try out the company.  If they really do give excellent service, stick with them. If you become a frequent client, you should be able to get considerable discounts.  If you like a particular team of cleaners you have tried, they may also be able to assign the same cleaners to you on your next appointment, if schedules permit.

Deal with the company in an upfront manner.  If you are generally pleased with their services, tell them so.  If there are some points which need to be improved, tell them about these, too, so that the problem can be worked out to your satisfaction.

Testimonial from Janice in Miami, FL (Thank you, Janice!)